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Lemon cookies


Lemon cookies maybe the most elegant of the “fruits” … that’s how I see them!

I am fascinated by their shape and the color of a bright yellow that fills you with energy and joy!

All my life I have liked Candy Bars due to the tiny and cute products,

painstaking and beautiful at the same time… .and when I saw these wonders at Cedric I knew exactly what I had to do!!

They are difficult to make due to the exact steps to be followed, but when you see them at the end you are left speechless!

Their taste leads you to the tops of the mountains, it is a flavor that I have long wanted to put into practice, except that I had not found the perfect product! With such a lemon you will cross long routes !!

Many years ago I attended a school of guides, and in the backpack I had a jar full of nuts, honey and lemon juice !! A backpack full of energy !! This combination followed me for many years, I enjoyed it as many times as I wanted, and in 2018 I made this cake !!!

My lemon is creamy, fragrant, bathed in honey and vanilla and lots of love!!!

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