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On my birthday


Wow, wow, wow… .. wonderful messages, flowers, wishes, lyrics, beautiful thoughts…. Today I managed to assimilate them all !! Thank you very much for the thoughts sent, from year to year there are more and more, which makes me really happy!

I would have liked to answer to each one of you, but I think it would have taken me a week so I send you the same beautiful wishes, achievements, health and dear people around !!!

Be beautiful and sweet every day !!

I do not have what to do … this is the job …. From my birthday I  prepared a wonderful dessert! Perfect for my taste! It has the touch of dark chocolate, the caramel flavor, coffee liqueur, a lovely cake dough with instant coffee and baked peanuts! It also received a name “Il cafetino”

“Il cafetino” wants to be a bold dessert, with a strong personality, elegant and appetizing at the same time!

Let’s smile as much as we can!!


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