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Digital machine for melting chocolate


It is a digital machine that melts chocolate safely! It has a chip where are integrated the values ​​of each type of chocolate: it has stored the melting temperature as well as the cooling temperature – the working temperature for each type of chocolate.

What made me buy it? The biggest problem I faced when working with chocolate was that the little time when  you can work with chocolate properly “comes and goes” as you say! There is that little moment when you can give everything or you can lose everything. If the working temperature falls below the working range you must resume the entire process again!

The working temperature with each type of chocolate is integrated into the memory of the machine, but it can also be set by hand! So you can choose to work with the factory settings or on the manual mode where you have to set the coordinates!

This type of machine is equipped with a probe / thermometer that indicates the exact temperature of the chocolate.

The machine does not temper the chocolate by itself! You must temper it! And, after you have tempered it, set the working temperature and whip !!!

I chose the model with the 3.6 l tray because it is what I need. If you work with a large volume of chocolate you can choose a model with a higher capacity. For my passion this model is enough!

The first chocolate test: I melted 1,450 kg of chocolate in 1 hour and 24 minutes. Depending on the model chosen, the power of the machine may be lower or higher.

Have a boost in everything and I hope this information was useful to you!

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